Meet Our Traders
Garima Goenka

Garima was born in Kolkata and has a background in Marketing. Garima joined Globus 8 Alloys in 2011 and has broad experience of the Company’s varied activities. Today Garima specialises in Bulk Ferro Alloys for the steel industry. After spending 4 years in Singapore, although is now located in London, Garima is associated with our Singapore office. Garima is Director, Sales and Marketing for the Group for the region of EMEA, North and Latin Americas. Garima Goenka trades in our Singapore office in the following materials: High Carbon Ferro Chrome – HCFeCr, Ferro Silicon – FeSi, Silico Manganese – SiMn, High Carbon Ferro Manganese – HCFeMn

Shweta Goyal

Shweta Goyal , a Singapore permanent resident holds a Managing Director role in Globus 8 Alloys Pte Ltd. She has been with the company for almost a decade now. Her primary responsibilities include business development and operations mainly in the Asian region.She value client relationships and relentlessly works towards exceeding their expectations in terms of business fulfillment.

Marketing and Distribution

Technology has made information available and accessible to everyone. Having said that producers still need access to market for their products. Globus 8 Alloys, through its international office and extensive market network, services such producers through entering into transparent marketing agreements for the distribution of their product. Globus 8 Alloys takes full control of the distribution and selling process, typically from port of origin to the end consumer, and delivers this service usually in conjunction with the provision of our Financing services to aid working capital requirements.

Sourcing and Procurement

Efficiently sourcing material is a key aspect of Globus 8 Alloys. Providing competitive prices to our customers for standard grade material or special specifications, our customers rely on our extensive knowledge and special relations with the producers to offer best deals. We endeavour to meet the demands and match price expectations to establish long term relationship with tHe the customers and consistent demand for the producers.